Trekking from Cumiana to the Upper Chisone Valley



photos: Marzia Verona - unauthorized use forbidden

Fenestrelle Roure

The whole itinerary  is walk able along the roads and paths still used today by shepherds and their flocks as they move downwards the valley during transhumance.

When we go back along Chisone Valley, we are hiking on the old Royal Road, that our grandparents used to migrate to France.

Legeard - Church built by King Luis XIV Murales

This path was traced by Romans and it was enlarged by King Luis XIV. It will be the only road from Perosa to France till Napoleon Bonaparte will built the Route Napoleon in 1800.

Transhumance along "Via Napoleonica" - Perosa Argentina


The route is not difficult but a reasonable fitness and correct equipment is recommended, as you will be in an alpine environment.

Maps:                                 1:25000 Fraternali n. 2 - 5 - 6

Period recommended:            from May to November



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Depart from Turin by  bus GTT (company name) on Corso Stati Uniti, near the Porta Nuova, train station,

Arrive at Cumiana (mornings, hourly: afternoons, every half hour) the trip will be about 80 minutes.  Take the bus stop in front A&O market to get to the B&B u Tej

Walk on Provinciale Street for 200 m until you arrive at house number 57




CUMIANA (m.340) – SERRE  MARCHETTO (m.1050)

            Gradient difference: 1000m                                 Walking time: 6,5 h

            A pleasant walk in Mountain Park Tre Denti - Freidour among wonderful beech woodlands, crossing 3 easy passes.

A rest during the transhumance

N.3      SERRE  MARCHETTO (m.1050) – PEROSA (m.600)

            Gradient difference: (only downhill)                       Walking time: 2,5 h

           A transfer and relaxing stage crossing old villages.  

Perosa Argentina Perosa Argentina

N. 4    PEROSA (m.600)– CHAMBONS (m.1065)

            Gradient difference: 600m                                   Walking time: 5 h

          On the ancient transhumance ways, napoleonic and romans roads along Chisone Valley, crossing many old villages, with murales on houses' walls.


Chambons Mentoulles

N.5      CHAMBONS (m.1065) – USSEAUX (m.1416)

            Gradient difference: 900m                                   Walking time: 5 h

           Uphill along cannons road next to Fenestrelle's Fortress, walking near Serre Marie Fortress, on the border of Orsiera-Rocciavrè Natural Park, till to Usseaux.

The top of Fenestrelle's Fortress Spring and murales in Usseaux

N.6     USSEAUX (m.1416) – PRAGELATO (m.1530)

            Gradient difference: 300m                                   Walking time: 4 h

          A very pleasant path in the woodlands will lead you to Pragelato.

        Return to Turin by bus.

Old painted house in Pragelato Transhumance in Pragelato


photos: Marzia Verona - unauthorized use forbidden

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