Trekking in Olympic Valleys

The Olympic Valleys, the images of Pragelato, with the ski jump and cross country circuit as well as Pinerolo with the curling have entered the homes of millions around the world.

However during February 2006 many of the spectators rushed between the competition sites and many locations were only passed by or served as dormitories.

We, who live in these valleys, realize that the tourist has much to see and that walking through the territory in the footsteps of ancient shepherds and travellers is one of the best ways to do it. 

The numerous and well located B&Bs along with good public transport make organising a trek on a low impact and environmental basis possible with plenty of opportunity to sample local produce, wildlife, people and history.

  At the moment the information available covers the following walking routes:

-         Cumiana to Cantalupa and return  

-        Monte Aquila and surrounding area

-         Cumiana to Upper Chisone Valley  

-   Cumiana to Susa



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